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Abortion - The Murder of a Sheep

Ray Comfort

“Fran is about to have an abortion!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Fran was a new convert; I was one of the pastors at her church, and she was about to have an abortion.  I immediately jumped into my car, sped into the city, ran to the second floor of the hospital and then into her room.  She was sitting on a bed, and had already been given the pre-operation medication. When I pleaded, “Please don’t do this,” she smiled and said, “It’s okay. I’m not going to have an abortion.  I just prayed, God, if you don’t want me to have an abortion, make Ray Comfort come and see me.” I didn’t have to say a thing.

Two years later, I was at a picnic and saw a cute little girl crawling in the grass. It was Fran’s little child; the one she was going to kill.  It was then that it dawned on me what happened two years earlier—I had been used in a small way in the saving of a precious human life.

The Book of Genesis says, “Whoever sheds man’s blood, by man his blood shall be shed; for in the image of God He made man.”  We can’t “murder” a sheep or a cow. They’re just beasts.  The word “murder” is reserved for human beings because we are made in the image of God, and He greatly values human life.  We are precious in His sight.  If we take the life of a human being, the Bible says that we should pay for it with our life.  It’s that serious in His eyes.  So the taking of the life of an unborn child is murder, and for that we should all be more than concerned.  We should be horrified.

For nearly 40 years I have protested abortion. I have held up signs, produced tracts, written about it in books, preached against it in pulpits, and pleaded with people, but with little success…up until recently when we produced a 33-minute movie called “180.”  In the movie I ask eight people one probing question, and amazingly these people do a complete 180. They change from being adamantly pro-abortion, to being pro-life, in a matter of seconds. In just 22 days after putting it on line, 180 Movie had received over one million hits.

So now you can have your own “Fran” experience. You don’t have to say a thing to effectively help stop the horror of abortion. All you need to do is point people to the movie or give it away yourself.  You can either get your own supply of “180” from Heart Changer web site for just $1 each for 10 or more and pass them around, or you can move mountains with your mouse.  You can send the 180 Movie web site all over the Internet and encourage people to watch it. Who knows, you may save a life.

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